Health care is provided in six ambulances for primary health care located in six regions in our Municipality. The equipment of these ambulances is on a very low level and residents can get there only primary medical examination. Considering the size of the widespread territory and the residents, the equipment and the working time (they work only 6 hours a day, only in the morning) are insufficient. In the rest of the day residents are without health care, i.e. they have to go to Prilep even for their smallest need.

     The Municipality Dolneni makes efforts to open a Health Center in the central part of the Municipality which will provide services 24 hours a day.



  1. Ambulance – Lazani
  2. Ambulance – Zitose
  3. Ambulance – Debreste
  4. Ambulance – Ropotovo
  5. Ambulance – Dolneni
  6. Ambulance – Crniliste
  7. Ambulance – Desovo
  8. Ambulance – Dupjacani