The education is represented in 7 (seven)  Central eight-year primary schools, 16 (sixteen) four-year schools where the total number of students is 2610. There is also one Secondary school in the local place Zitose. In fact those are classes from the Secondary school from Kicevo, and the school teaching is on Albanian language.

     The main standard of the education is on a very low level considering the conditions in the schools, which are very old buildings and in bed condition except for some schools. 

     The teaching aids are old and impracticable. The computer equipment is insignificant in spite of the last intervention of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Macedonia to computerize the Primary schools with several computers in each school.

Primary schools

  1.  "Peco Daskalot" - Dolneni
  2.  "Gjorce Petrov" - Ropotovo
  3.  "Mirce Acev" - Lazani
  4.  "Lirija" - Zitose
  5.  "Vera Ciriviri - Trena" - Debreste
  6.  "Ismail Qemali" - Crniliste
  7.  "Pere Tosev" - Dupjacani