Cultural features

     In the Municipality are held several cultural manifestations from which the most famous is the international festival of folk instruments-bagpipes “Pece Atanasoski”-Dolneni. It is held every year and many guests from Europe and America take part.   
      The celebration of the birthday of the famous writer Blazhe Koneski- Nebregovo.
      The traditional festival of folk Songs: Golden Voice” – Lazhani
Regarding the other cultural activities and needs, the possibilities are small because there are no appropriate places, and the cultural centers are ten in the municipality, they have enough rooms in number and size for organizing cultural festivals but they are in a really bad condition.  


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Sport features

     There are several sport playgrounds for football and more than ten football clubs. Several tournaments are played in “small” football. Every year a traditional tournament in pelivan wrestling is held in the inhabited places Debrehte and Lazhani.